Total Data Entries4 Billion+

4 Billion+

Total Data Entries

Users Tagged and Analyzed5 Million+

5 Million+

Users Tagged and Analyzed

Channel Coverage200,000+


Channel Coverage

Real-time AnalysisIn 2 Seconds

In 2 Seconds

Real-time Analysis

24/7 Data Crawling24 Hours

24 Hours

24/7 Data Crawling

Generative AI - KEYPO 5 Big Data Intelligence

AI-powered social listening and sentiment analysis platform.

Our big data SaaS platform, trusted by over 500 leading enterprises, offers real-time analysis of online public opinion and trends. Leveraging AI technologies such as Machine Learning, NLP, and LLMs, we specialize in converting data into actionable business strategies through diverse visual interactive reports.

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Generative AI - KEYPO 5 Big Data Intelligence

Multiple sources, languages, and models

Aggregating the latest social channel and multi-language, processing over 150 billion Chinese data entries monthly, with 4 billion data queries in 2 seconds.

Easy to Operate

The new launch combines generative AI technology with social listening and sentiment analysis via 'ChatGPT' allowing you to effortlessly generate insightful reports with a single click.

24/7 Real-Time Service

Real-time sentiment alerts, personalize your interests and topics, monitor social insights 24/7, receive information in 15 minutes.

Set up the theme and keywords

Step 01

Set up the theme and keywords

Click "GPT Intelligent Analysis" button

Step 02

Click "GPT Intelligent Analysis" button

Easily generate and download insightful reports

Step 03

Easily generate and download insightful reports

International-level Sentiment Data System

International-level Sentiment Data System

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    Massive Data Processing Capability

    Processing over 150 billion Chinese data entries monthly with industry-leading query speed.

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    The Most Extensive Chinese Data

    Continuously optimizing the Chinese semantic analysis framework, experimenting with advanced technologies, and integrating AI processing allows for a comprehensive understanding of natural language beyond single-label judgment. This enables the creation of detailed applications tailored to industry and business needs.

Pioneer in Marketing Technology

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    Top Data Analysis Experts

    Professional analysts provide comprehensive training and consultation, enabling clients to quickly familiarize the tools.

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    KEYPO App Real-time Alert

    Instant sentiment notifications allow users to set up the focus and topics, providing 24/7 real-time awareness of social data.

Pioneer in Marketing Technology
Guaranteed Professional Service

Guaranteed Professional Service

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    International Security Certification

    Certified by ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and CNS 27001:2014, ensuring the full protection of information security.

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    Trusted by 500+ Clients across Various Industries

    Covering various industries such as consumer goods, technology and telecommunications, finance and insurance, food and beverages, sports and leisure, luxury fashion, digital education, beauty and pharmaceuticals, media agencies, PR companies, and more.

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KEYPO Products and Services

Provide all-round and in-depth analysis for your business and marketing strategies



Big Data Intelligence



Sentiment Robot



Real-time Alarm

keypo bot

KEYPO BOT Sentiment Robot

Quickly obtain first-hand online information and manage crises in real time.

Detects comprehensive internet information through the data system, pushing it to users' phones via LINE for immediate access to key data. Users can customize topics, analyze online sentiment, and receive diverse visual reports, providing a complete overview of news and social data.

  • iOS: Line APP version 8 or above
  • Android: Line APP version 8 or above

KEYPO APP Real-time Alarm

Grasp key info in the shortest time

With AI-powered analysis, real-time notifications every 15 minutes, rapid responses to major information, helping clients develop better strategies and proactive adaptations.

keypo app

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